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No, we are not a relationship coaching business. We are the queen of making sure everyone knows who you are through branding, social media and web design. We are a creative studio who focuses on the vision and mission. 

We know the struggle of starting a business, we all struggle. But here, we will help you get through the struggle and turn it to a master piece. Turning stress to success!


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Hey there! My name is Shantraya Gustafson, most of you know me by Traya. I'm the owner of Queen of Relations, where I strive to give my clients the best of the best. 


So how did I get to this owning my own creative studio? Well let's make it short, simple and sweet.

I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2018 with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications and a minor in business. After graduating college and moving back home, let me just say it was hard landing a spot in the marketing world. So I took matters into my own hands. It started by my best friend name dropping me to a local restaurant and becoming its social media manager. Then I redesigned their web site and the owner of the restaurant was impressed and pushed me to open up my own business.

It was scary, like very scary. I always question myself as to am I good enough? Do I actually know what i'm doing or talking about? But then I started taking classes, watching videos, reading and became confident. I started my own business and word of mouth traveled fast! Now we're here! I made it! Now I work with the best clients and couldn't be more grateful.

My goal is to continue to educate my clients, and continue to evolve web design and brand in the best innovative way. The sky is the limit and this is only the beginning. Don't be afraid to jump start your business, I would love to join your journey. 

- Love Traya

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